Thursday, August 20, 2009

VitalMail - Get Your Scores Daily

Vitalmail is a report that is useful to everyone in a company – from Customer Service Mangers to Executives alike. This report is not only free, but you can begin to receive it as soon as your first Point-of-Sale Survey is completed.

So what exactly is VitalMail? VitalMail is a daily snapshot of your organization’s performance. The day following any completed Point-of-Sale surveys, you will receive a VitalMail email containing your aggregated scores for BizRate’s standard Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment questions. Not only will you be able to see scores for the past day, but VitalMail also provides rolling scores for the past week and two-week time periods for comparison. In addition to scores, you will also get a random sample of five Point-of-Sale and five Fulfillment comments to review.

The VitalMail email is available to anyone in your company. Individuals can request to be added or a company distribution email can be provided to allow you to quickly and easily manage the distribution on your end. If you would like to learn more, please logon to the
merchant site and login. You can see samples and learn more via the Research & Ratings tab or simply contact us and provide the desired email address(es).

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