Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Digging In - Respondent Level Data Files

BizRate offers a number of reports and tools to help you review your data – VitalMail, VitalSigns, AccuRate Reports and BizAdvisors to name a few. But all of these provide data at an aggregate level. What happens when you want to see your data at the customer level? BizRate can help!

BizRate collects and maintains all responses at the customer level. If desired, your team can purchase and utilize this data to see how a single respondent answers questions across both the Point-of-Sale and Fulfillment surveys. Not only will you see individual responses, but also comments and any information that has been passed through the survey (Customer ID, referring URL, etc.). When included on your survey, custom questions can be included to provide even more information.

The Respondent Level Data File’s contents can be designed to suit your needs. Your team can include all of the data we collect, or just specific information (i.e. Customer Support Questions Only), and can choose to receive the data at the desired frequency. When used in conjunction with BizRate’s aggregated reports, this report gives the full picture of the individual experience from purchase to receipt.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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